Rome, Italy/25-27 May 2016 - International Symposium on

Palazzo Barberini
A challenge or a contribution to sustainability?

The International Symposium will be organized in plenary sessions and thematic panels, starting in the morning of 25th May and closing in the afternoon of 27th May.
More than 50 experts, including representatives of governments, internationally renowned experts, members of research institutes and non-governmental institution, will participate in the event, thus ensuring a broad and inclusive discussion that will gather experiences and practices coming from a wide number of diverse countries.

The Symposium will be opened by representatives of the Government of Italy, of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, of the World Bank Group and of UNESCO. This introduction will be followed by a Key Note session that will serve to set the stage for the Symposium and aims to highlight the key role that ‘culture’ can play in ensuring sustainable development, in all its dimensions.

Each plenary session and thematic panel will have a closing time dedicated to answers and questions, in order to establish an interactive section where the debate may improve the final outcomes. A leading expert will moderate each debate and will be part of the round-table discussion, scheduled for 27th May in the morning, which will lead to the establishment of the Symposium outcomes and consequent adoption.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French and Italian.